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Meeting the needs of pupils with SEND

The Local Authority (Surrey County Council) retains responsibility for children with high levels of SEND.  The authority must provide details of its "local offer" which you can see by following this link.

Further details of how Surrey County Council meets its responsibilities can be found on the SEND pages of its website.

The SEND information report is a statutory document which explains the school's own approaches and support for all children, and the additional support available to those children with SEND.

The school follows the national Code of Practice for SEND which was updated in 2014 when major changes were made nationally to SEND provision and practice.  You can see the whole Code of Practice here.

SEND Code of Practice January 2015

All schools must, by law, have a SEND policy which meets statutory requirements.  It is approved annually by the school's Governing Body and is updated and amended as appropriate, in response to national, local or school developments.

You can find our policy on this page or in our policy section of the website.